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2014 Director's Annual Report


Funding/Budget Congressional appropriators helped the Judiciary recover from sequestration cuts and years of flat funding.

The Courts, Congress and the Executive Branch

The Courts, Congress and the Executive Branch The Judiciary interacts with Congress and the Executive Branch on legislation and other initiatives that can impact court operations.

The Federal Bench in 2014

The Courts, Congress and the Executive BranchFY 14 began with a Congressional hearing on new judgeship needs and ended with a series of judicial confirmations.

Assuring Accountability

Assuring Accountability High standards of conduct and integrity for judges and staff are supported by audits, reviews, internal controls, and stewardship training.

Facilities and Security

Facilities and SecuritySpace-reduction policies implemented by the Judicial Conference are shrinking the Judiciary’s space footprint nationwide.


InnovationsInnovations are helping contain court operating costs and improve the delivery of justice.


Staffing, technology, management, and service initiatives help the federal courts work more effectively and efficiently.

Public Outreach

Public OutreachImproved web communications and a nationwide celebration of Constitution Day increase public access to and understanding of the courts.

Defender Services

Defender ServicesFederal defender organizations and Criminal Justice Act attorneys provide defense counsel to those who are unable to afford the cost of representation.

Probation and Pretrial Services

Probation and Pretrial ServicesProbation and pretrial services officers use new technology to safeguard communities and to investigate and supervise persons charged with or convicted of federal crimes.

Recent and Proposed Amendments to the Federal Rules

Recent and Proposed Amendments to the Federal RulesJudicial Conference rules committees continuously study and make recommendations for amendments to the Federal Rules of Practice and Procedure, which govern litigation in the federal courts.

About the Report

As required by statute, the Director of the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts shall submit to Congress and the Judicial Conference a report of the activities of the Administrative Office and the state of the business of the courts.

Judicial Business

This report presents statistics on the work of the Federal Judiciary for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2014.

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