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September 2010

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Judiciary Approves Pilot Project for Cameras in District Courts

At its September meeting, the Judicial Conference approved several recommendations, including one for a pilot project to evaluate the effect of cameras in federal district courtrooms.

Judicial Conference of the United States, September 2010

Executive Committee of the Judicial Conference

2010 Award Recognizes Employees for Service to the Courts

The 2010 Leonidas Ralph Mecham Award for Exemplary Service to the Courts honors two Administrative Office employees.

Congress Considers Funding for Fiscal Year 2011

The Judiciary will likely begin fiscal year 2011 without an enacted appropriations bill and, instead, will be operating at FY 2010  funding levels under a continuing resolution.

2010 Border Security Supplemental

The Judiciary received $10 million to address workload requirements in the courts resulting from immigration and other law enforcement initiatives.

"Herculean Effort" to Create Next Generation of CM/ECF Makes Progress

Hard work and a deliberative, inclusive process is helping ensure that the Judiciary’s Case Management/Electronic Case Files system will shine brighter in its next generation

Report Examines Terms of Supervised Release

A report by the U.S. Sentencing Commission shows that federal courts impose terms of supervised release in the overwhelming majority of cases, even where it is not statutorily required.

By the Numbers—Seasonality and Bankruptcy Filings

The behavior of bankruptcy filings across time exhibits its own seasonal pattern.

Widget Enhances Availability of Court Information

Easy access to Judiciary information comes courtesy of widgets, available on uscourts.gov

Constitution Day, September 17: New Resources Available

Thanks to the late Senator Robert Byrd, September 17th is the official day to celebrate our Constitution. The Judiciary’s website offers a variety of programs to help celebrate the Constitution throughout the year.

What Is the Proper Role of the Federal Courts Relative to the State Courts?

In a Third Branch Interview, Judge Janet Hall, chair of the Federal-State Jurisdiction Committee examines that question and the role of her committee.

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Boxscore