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December 2010

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Study on Re-arrest Data to Hone Probation Strategies

A first-of-its-kind study of federal offenders shows less than a quarter are re-arrested after three years under supervision. Probation officers hope to use this and other data to predict recidivism, evaluate the effectiveness of supervision strategies, and ultimately improve community safety.

OSCAR Comes of Age

In 2010, OSCAR grew to include 1,501 federal judges and 98 percent of all law schools accredited by the ABA.

Kennedy Nominees Serve 50 Years On Bench

Today, just six of the judges nominated by President John F. Kennedy’s remain on the bench, all of them senior judges. In their time, they’ve witnessed significant changes in the federal Judiciary, presided over historic cases, and emerged with an unshaken love for their work.

Survey Rates Bankruptcy Noticing Center

Users of the Bankruptcy Noticing Center gave the BNC top grades in this year’s survey.

Judiciary's BPAs are Effective Product of Teamwork

Blanket Purchase Agreements offer a simplified and cost effective way for courts to buy information technology products and services.

New Members Named to Executive Committee

Chief Judge Sarah S. Vance and Judge Robin J. Cauthron have been named to the Executive Committee.

111th Congress Ends

The 111th Congress ended in December. In its second session, Congress passed, and the President signed into law, legislation that improves court functions, influences federal caseloads, and changes sentencing for certain offenses.

Committee Answers Courts' Calls for Help

In an interview with Judge J. Frederick Motz, chair of the Judicial Conference Committee on Intercircuit Assignments, he talks about the committee become increasingly proactive in its efforts to provide assistance to overburdened courts.

No COLA for Congress, Federal Judges or Judiciary Employees

Thousands of New Citizens Celebrate in California

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Boxscore