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November 2011

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Changes in Newsrooms, Changes in Courtrooms

A recent meeting of federal judges and journalism professors looked at the current state of news media coverage of the courts, and how it can be improved.

Bankruptcy Clerk Becomes Army Reserve's Highest Ranking African-American Woman

Marcia Anderson is combining the demanding job of bankruptcy clerk of court with the equally demanding role as Major General in the Army Reserve.

An Interview With FJC Director Judge Jeremy Fogel

The Third Branch talks with the new Director of the Federal Judicial Center.

Sentencing Commission Asks Congress For New Legislation

The U.S. Sentencing Commission has asked Congress to enact legislation that would enhance the role of the federal sentencing guidelines in response to a 2005 Supreme Court decision that made them advisory, not mandatory.

Pre-Trial Services Officers Trained in Risk Assessment Tools

This month, the last of 1,800 pretrial services officers will complete training in tools that will help them make better recommendations on which defendants will reoffend or fail to appear in court.

Exit Surveys Improve Juror Satisfaction

Many district courts use jury exit surveys as a simple and direct way for jurors to comment on their experience. The responses allow courts to tailor their jury plan to suit their jury pool, but the surveys are hardly one-size-fits-all.

Pilot Adds 30,000 Opinions

More than 30,000 court opinions are now accessible to the public, free, through a pilot project the federal courts are conducting with the Government Printing Office and its Federal Digital System (FDsys).

Contemporary Issues Teach Teens about Federal Court System

The uscourts.gov website offers several new courtroom simulations for use by high school teachers and federal courts that address contemporary issues and teen-related situations. They also teach students about the importance of jury deliberations and the relevance of the federal court system to their lives.

Free PACER Training Offered Online

A free-of-charge website offers training for the Federal Judiciary's Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) service.

Check the List

Before making those holiday lists, check with your court and consult the Code of Conduct for what’s appropriate to gift and get this holiday season.

Landmark Case Podcast Series on uscourts.gov

A new podcast series on www.uscourts.gov looks at how landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases shaped history and continue to affect American life.

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Boxscore

Judicial Boxscore