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March 2012

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Judicial Conference Continues Aggressive Cost Containment

Judicial Conference Continues Aggressive Cost Containment

The Judicial Conference approved a series of money-saving initiatives at its March 2012 meeting, preparing for funding levels that otherwise will cause significant reductions in staff and court services.

Judicial Conference of the United States, March 13, 2012

Federal District Court Workload Increases in Fiscal Year 2011

Caseloads for fiscal year 2011 increased in the district courts and in the probation and pretrial services system, while falling slightly in the appellate and bankruptcy courts.

Most Federal Judges Warn Jurors About Social Media

According to a survey of trial judges, most federal judges have taken steps to ensure that jurors do not use social media to discuss the trial in which they are involved.

Probation and Pretrial Services Tool Puts Clients on the Map

A new software application displays all kinds of client case information geographically.

Code Carries Restrictions on Political Activities

In an election year, members of the Judiciary should be aware of certain restrictions on their activities.

Economy Subcommittee Has Oversight Role on Budget

Coordinating the Judiciary’s efforts to achieve fiscal responsibility, accountability and efficiency is the Economy Subcommittee’s job. Subcommittee chair Judge Robert Broomfield talks about today’s budgetary climate and what the Judiciary is doing to contain costs.

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Boxscore

Judicial Boxscore