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October 2006

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Judicial Conference of the United States, September 19, 2006

Seated: (LtoR) Chief Judge Michael Boudin (1st Cir.); Chief Judge John M. Walker, Jr. (2nd Cir.); Chief Judge Anthony J. Scirica (3rd Cir.); Chief Judge William W. Wilkins (4th Cir.); Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr.; Chief Judge Edith Hollan Jones (5th Cir.); Chief Judge Danny J. Boggs (6th Cir.); Chief Judge Joel M. Flaum (7th Cir.); Chief Judge James B. Loken (8th Cir.)

Standing, Second Row: (LtoR) Judge Hector M. Laffitte (D. PR); Chief Judge Kimba M. Wood (S. D. NY); Chief Judge Garrett E. Brown, Jr. (D. NJ); Chief Judge Douglas H. Ginsburg (D. C. Cir.); Chief Judge Paul R. Michel (Fed. Cir.) ; Chief Judge Mary M. Schroeder (9th Cir.); Chief Judge Deanell R. Tacha (10th Cir.); Chief Judge J. L. Edmondson (11th Cir.); Judge David C. Norton (D. SC); Chief Judge Glen H. Davidson (N.D. Miss.)

Standing, Third Row: (LtoR) Judge Charles R. Simpson III (W.D. Ky.); Judge J.P. Stadtmueller (E.D. Wis.); Judge Charles R. Breyer (N.D. Calif.); Judge David L. Russell (W.D. Okla.); Judge Lawrence L. Piersol (D. SD); Chief Judge Robert L. Hinkle (N.D. Fla.); Chief Judge Thomas F. Hogan (D.DC); Chief Judge Jane A. Restani (Ct. Int’l Trade); and James C. Duff, Director, AOUSC.