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February 2007

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ABA Endorses Pay Increase for Federal Judges

Acting at its mid-year meeting, the American Bar Association House of Delegates passed the following resolution;

RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association endorses recent statements by the Chief Justice of the United States that the failure to raise judicial pay is now a "crisis that threatens to undermine the strength and independence of the federal Judiciary."

FURTHER RESOLVED, that the American Bar Association urges Congress to take immediate action to enact a substantial pay increase for the federal Judiciary, consistent with the recent analysis by Paul Volcker, former chair of the National Commission on the Public Service, which recognized the inadequacy of federal judicial salaries and that increases in federal judicial salaries have not even kept pace with increases in average American worker wages.

For the full report on the ABA recommendation 10D visit www.abavideonews.org/ABA404/