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April 2012

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Justices Celebrate Justice O'Connor's Service

This month, the Supreme Court’s female justices joined Retired Justice Sandra Day O’Connor for a panel discussion in celebration of O'Connor's groundbreaking service. The event was the first time all four women justices have appeared together in public.

Losses to Courts Underscore Funding Needs

Budget Committee chair, Judge Julia S. Gibbons, and AO Director, Judge Thomas F. Hogan asked House appropriators to provide a 3.1 percent funding increase for fiscal year 2013

AO, Justice Department Jointly Recommend ESI Discovery Practices

After 18 months of negotiation, the Administrative Office and the Department of Justice jointly have developed a set of recommendations aimed at making the production or exchange of ESI discovery between prosecutors and defense counsel more efficient and cost-effective.

Probation Offices Look to Technology to Offset Budget, Staffing Reductions

Budget problems are affecting everyone in the federal Judiciary. Several Probation Offices are using videoconferencing and webcam interviews to save money and officers’ time on the road.

Task Force Elicits User Views on "Next Gen" CM/ECF

A two-year effort to gather user input on the design of the Next Generation of CM/ECF has produced a number of suggested improvements.

Feed the Need

Need to know the minute something happens on a court case?  The Judiciary’s PACER system can update you on your computer, or any other electronic device, with automatic case notification.

Kiosk Reporting Use in Top 10 Districts

Probation and pretrial services offices in 27 districts are using 79 kiosks to gather routine status reports from defendants and offenders.  Here are the top 10 districts in kiosk use.

Committee Oversight Supports Work of Probation and Pretrial Services Officers

Judge Robert Holmes Bell, chairs the Judicial Conference Criminal Law Committee, looking at all aspects of criminal law and supporting the work of the federal courts’ probation and pretrial services officers.

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Milestones

Judicial Boxscore

Judicial Boxscore