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September 2007

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New Leadership Named on Conference Committees

The terms of two Judicial Conference committee chairs have been extended, and eight new committee chairs have been appointed by Chief Justice John Roberts, Jr.

Judge Gordon J. Quist (W.D. Mich.), chair of the Committee on Codes of Conduct, and Judge Ralph K. Winter, Jr. (2nd Cir.), chair of the Committee on Judicial Conduct and Disability, were reappointed to serve as chairs of their committees for an additional year.

Six new committee chairs begin their terms on October 1, 2007. Judge Barbara M. G. Lynn (N.D. Tex.) will chair the Committee on the Administration of the Bankruptcy System, succeeding Judge Marjorie O. Rendell (3rd Cir.). Judge Janet C. Hall (D. Conn.) is the new chair of the Committee on Federal-State Jurisdiction, succeeding Judge Howard D. McKibben (D. Nev.). Chief Judge George Z. Singal (D. Me.) has been named chair of the Committee on Judicial Resources, succeeding Judge W. Royal Furgeson, Jr. (W.D. Tex.). Judge Laura Taylor Swain (S.D. NY) chairs the Advisory Committee on Bankruptcy Rules, succeeding Judge Thomas S. Zilly (W.D. Wash.). Judge Richard C. Tallman (9th Cir.) has been named chair of the Advisory Committee on Criminal Rules, succeeding Judge Susan C. Bucklew (M.D. Fla.). Chief Judge Robert L. Hinkle (N.D. Fla.) succeeds Judge Jerry E. Smith (5th Cir.) as chair of the Advisory Committee on the Rules of Evidence.

Two judges began their terms as new committee chairs on July 1, 2007. Judge Lee H. Rosenthal (S.D. Tex.) succeeded Judge David F. Levi (E.D. Calif.) as chair of the Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure. Judge Mark R. Kravitz (D. Conn.) succeeded Judge Rosenthal as chair of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules.

Appointments to Judicial Conference committees are made by the Chief Justice. With the exception of the Executive, Judicial Branch, and Budget Committees, committee chairs usually serve for a term of three years. Six years of cumulative committee service usually is considered the maximum a member may serve.