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December 2007

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Former Representative Henry J. Hyde Dies

Former Representative Henry J. Hyde (R-IL) died November 29, 2007. In 2001, a Judicial Conference resolution recognized Hyde’s service as he prepared to step down after serving for six years as chair of the House Judiciary Committee. The resolution read in part:

“[H]is record of accomplishments [in the House of Representatives] bears witness to an unwavering respect for the Constitution of the United States and an abiding belief in the rule of law. Henry Hyde is sensitive to the position of the Judicial Conference on legislation affecting the Judiciary, and on such matters, has been a source of wise counsel to judges. He recognizes the independence of the Judicial Branch, has vigorously supported improvements in the administration of justice, and has worked to provide appropriate and equitable compensation and benefits to judges and their staffs. The legacy of the Honorable Henry Hyde, as a Member of Congress, as a leader of the Committee on the Judiciary, and as a valued friend to the federal Judiciary will endure for many years to come.”