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March 2008

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Conference Resolution Honors Chief Judge Hogan

At the March 2008 meeting, Chief Judge Thomas F. Hogan (D. DC) was honored by the Judicial Conference, of which he has been a member since 2001. Hogan has served as chair of the Judicial Conference Executive Committee since October 2005, and as a member of the Committee for almost seven years. He also served as a member of the Committee on the Administration of the Magistrate Judges System from 1987 to 1991, and as chair of the Committee on Intercircuit Assignments from 1990 to1994. The Conference resolution read, in part:

"Judge Hogan has led the Executive Committee with insight and grace. With his unassuming and inclusive style, he ensured that the views of each member of the Committee were heard and that decisions were based on consensus. During his tenure, the Executive Committee, responding to congressional and media scrutiny regarding judicial ethics, spearheaded efforts to demonstrate the Judiciary's commitment to high standards of ethics and accountability. His chairmanship also coincided with the Judiciary's courthouse construction moratorium, and he took an active role in helping the Committee delicately balance justified requests for space with the Judiciary's need to control spiraling rental costs.

"Judge Hogan's highly regarded leadership provided a constant during a period of exceptional change in the Judiciary—the appointments, after 20 years, of a new Chief Justice and a new Administrative Office Director. He has shown commitment and dedication to the federal judicial system and to serving its institutions, and we are most grateful for his contributions to the federal Judiciary and the administration of justice. Even more, Judge Hogan is a wise and thoughtful man whom we are proud to have as our colleague and friend."