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April 2010

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Committee Plans Civil Litigation Conference

Access, fairness, cost, and delay in civil litigation in federal court will be the focus of a conference on May 10-11, sponsored by the Judicial Conference Advisory Committee on Civil Rules. The 2010 Civil Litigation Conference at the Duke University School of Law will present new data from several empirical studies on current litigation practice and proposals for improving civil litigation in the federal trial courts. In particular, data on actual litigation costs incurred by law firms and major corporations will be available for analysis.

"This conference hopes to build on the legacy of the 1976 Roscoe Pound Conference and all it contributed to the reform of the administration and delivery of justice in the federal system, and on the 1997 Boston College of Law Conference on Discovery," said Judge Mark Kravitz, chair of the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules. Kravitz said the cost of civil litigation will be among the topics to be discussed, and how recent Supreme Court decisions in Twombly and Iqbal have focused attention on pleading standards and discovery.

Nearly 200 nationally recognized federal judges, lawyers, professors, and others with expertise in civil litigation are expected to attend. The conference will be streamed live over the Judiciary’s Newsroom website at www.uscourts.gov.