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May 2010

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Judiciary Launches Re-Designed Website

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Judiciary launched new website

You’ll notice that this month the print edition of The Third Branch newsletter has a new, updated look. The biggest change, however, is on-line where the Judiciary’s website, www.uscourts.gov, has been completely revamped, reordered, and refreshed. Even more information about all aspects of the federal court system­ is now easier to find.

The new look and feel of the website owes a great deal to suggestions and comments from a wide range of users and focus groups, who were surveyed for their web preferences, their use of the Judiciary’s website, and the on-line information that interests them most. You asked for it, we designed it. Here’s what you’ll now be able to do on uscourts.gov.

New Look—More Than Homepage Deep

Content on the Judiciary’s new website is easier to find, thanks to an enhanced information architecture based on user needs and navigation tools that point the way. Users will be able to move smoothly through pages and sections to find the information they need.

More Multimedia Choices

We’ve expanded the use of multimedia on uscourts.gov to include videos, podcasts, and photo slideshows. Check out the latest news and features in the format that works for you.

Watch, Learn, and Comment on YouTube

We’re also jointly launching with the Federal Judicial Center the Federal Judiciary Channel on YouTube, with video news and information from around the Judiciary. Watch and comment on everything from bankruptcy how-to’s, to profiles on careers with the Judiciary. www.YouTube.com/uscourts.

Share the News

Share information, articles, videos, news, and all the content you like. Social Bookmark a page with a click, then click on the “share” icon to send content to Facebook, Del.icio.us, Digg, and other social networking sites.

Automatically Update

Add our content to your website. Widgets automatically keep your site visitors up-to-date with Judiciary news and views.

Easy Access to PACER

It’s a new design for the Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) webpage too, prompted by a comprehensive reassessment of the Electronic Public Access program. Look for improved site navigation and easy access to services at http://pacer.gov/.

More Openings at OSCAR

The On-line System for Clerkship Application and Review (OSCAR) used to be just for law clerks. Now it’s branching out to include staff attorneys. The webpage at https://oscar.uscourts.gov/ complements the uscYourts.gov’s new design.

Information You Want, the Way You Want It.

You pick the delivery mode. Get updates on Judiciary news, publications, and statistics, as well as videos delivered directly to you via email, cell phone, or PDA. Download and listen to podcasts at your convenience.

See It, Hear It

Hear it here. Download a small plug-in program, select text with your cursor, and hear it read aloud. The Browse-Aloud Service is designed for anyone who finds it difficult to read on-line. Material from the site also can be downloaded and listened to at your convenience.

Tell Us About It

We’re a work in progress and we want to hear what you think. Comments? Quibbles? Kudos? Please feel free to send them to: Contact@ao.uscourts.gov.