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November 2011

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Changes in Newsrooms, Changes in Courtrooms

Changes in Newsrooms, Changes in Courtrooms

In October, a group of federal judges and professors of journalism came together to discuss reporting on the courts. The day-long summit, co-sponsored by the First Amendment Center and the Judicial Branch Committee of the Judicial Conference, looked at the current state of news media coverage of the courts, how journalism students are trained in court coverage, and what steps the media and the courts might take to enhance and improve public understanding of the courts. Nine appellate, district, magistrate, and bankruptcy court judges participated, with an equal number of academics.

The Judicial Branch Committee and its New Media Subcommittee have been active in this area, examining current and emerging new media and making recommendations on how new media might be used to enhance external communications. The summit is the latest in a series of Journalists and Judges meetings hosted over the years by the First Amendment Center.