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Aziz v. Knight Transportation, Inc.

Case Summary: 12-cv-00904

The named Plaintiffs filed this class action in state court against Defendant Knight Transportation, a truckload company in the business of delivering goods for customers. Plaintiffs allege violations of various Washington state labor and consumer protection laws and ask for recovery of unpaid wages for themselves and an estimated class of 200 truck drivers currently or previously employed by Defendant. Defendant removed this case to federal court in May 2012.

According to Plaintiffs, Defendant failed to pay its drivers for hours spent in mandatory employee orientation, made unauthorized deductions from their wages, delayed payment of earned rate increases, and failed to pay its drivers for all hours worked. In addition, Plaintiffs allege that Defendant deceptively advertised the wages paid to its drivers.

This video shows the hearing on Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgment filed on March 21, 2013. The court subsequently granted the motion in part and denied the motion in part, permitting claims relating to unauthorized payroll deductions, failure to pay for hours in mandatory orientation, and deceptive advertisement of wages paid to its drivers to continue. The court has scheduled a jury trial for resolution of these remaining claims.

Case Highlights

  • Notice of Removal 5/24/2012 (Doc #1)
  • Answer filed 12/04/2012 (Doc #23)
  • Motion for Summary Judgment filed by Defendant 3/21/2013 (Doc #51)
  • Court granted in part and denied in part Defendant’s motion 10/09/2013 (Doc #94)

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