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Richard Solberg, et al v. Borden Light Marina, Inc., et al

Case Summary: 12-cv-11140

Plaintiffs Richard Solberg and Dorine Solberg brought an action against Defendants Borden Light Marina; Michael Lund, President of Borden Light Marina; and Kevin Munro for injuries sustained while passengers on a boat that was involved in a collision. Plaintiffs were passengers on a boat called “the Northern Lights” on their way to perform at the Tipsy Seagull Dockside Pub. The Northern Lights was owned by Defendant Kevin Monroe, and operated by Defendant Michael Lund, at the time of the incident. Plaintiffs allege that Defendants are the cause of their injuries.

In this video, the Court hears oral arguments from Plaintiff and Defendant. Defendant Borden Light Marina argues to the Court that they are not liable because Defendant Michael Lund was operating the boat as a personal endeavor and not at the instruction, or while in the course of business for Borden Light Marina. The Marina also argues that the Court change the defendant in the lawsuit to Tipsy Seagull Dockside Pub, which had hired Plaintiffs to perform. Plaintiffs disagree, arguing that Defendant Michael Lund is liable on the basis of vicarious liability, and Michael Lund was acting in his duties to Borden Light Marina when he operated the Northern Lights. The Court decides to review the arguments and come to a decision at a later time.

Case Highlights

  • Complaint filed 6/26/2012 (Doc #1)
  • Answer filed 7/30/2012 (Doc #10)
  • Motion for Summary Judgment filed 1/23/2014 (Doc #38)

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Richard Solberg, et al v. Borden Light Marina, Inc., et al
Richard Solberg, et al v. Borden Light Marina, Inc., et al, Case Number 12-11140-DJC, Motion for Summary Judgment, Contract Case, 7/23/2014, 3:00 PM (EST), J. Joseph Moakley Courthouse, Boston, MA., Judge Denise J. Casper presiding.

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