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Discussion Questions

Use these questions to start thoughtful discussions on the issue of freedom of the press in schools and society.

  1. How does this case have an impact on high school students? How do you think the students will react to the case? How is this case relevant today?

  2. What if the Court reached the opposite conclusion that it did in the case? How would such a decision affect students? Schools in general? Society at large?

  3. Who is in the best position to make decisions affecting school policy and discipline? The courts? School administrators? Teachers? Parents? Students? Combinations of these different groups?

  4. What do you see as the proper role of the Supreme Court in the life of high school students? In society at large?

  5. Do you feel that the Supreme Court has affected your life? If so, in what ways?

  6. Can you name any decisions/holdings of the Supreme Court that have had a significant impact on society? If so, how do you feel about these decisions?

  7. Do you think students should have the same rights as adults? Is it ever appropriate to limit students' rights during school hours? If so, under what circumstances?

  8. How much authority should schools have over students when they are off school property? For instance, should schools have the right to punish a student for material on the student's personal website that makes fun of a teacher? What if the website threatens a teacher and/or fellow student?