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Discussion Questions

For Justice Ginsburg's statement:

  1. Why do you suppose Justice Ginsburg spends time near the beginning of her statement discussing this country's pursuit of “equal citizenship?”
  2. How does Justice Ginsburg view the work of judges?
  3. What information in her background does Justice Ginsburg assume the Senators will be interested in analyzing? What might these aspects of her background reveal about her fitness for being a Justice on the Supreme Court?
  4. What kinds of questions does Justice Ginsburg say she will refuse to answer during the nomination hearing? Why?

Alternative Activities or Discussions

  • Role play the confirmation hearing process.
  • Using the Senate Judiciary Committee Initial Questionnaire ask students to imagine that they are on the staff of a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee. They have been asked to research the answers to the questions that the current nominee will be asked. Direct them to fill out the questionnaire to the extent that they can by using media coverage.