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Confirmation Listing

This table lists judges confirmed by the current Congress. The table contains the name of the judge, the nomination date, the confirmation date, the circuit and district location, the incumbent - the judge who previously held the position, the vacancy reason, and the vacancy date.

NomineeNomination DateConfirmation DateCircuit/DistrictIncumbentVacancy ReasonVacancy Date
Bennett,Alfred H.01/07/201504/13/201505 - TXSHoyt,Kenneth M.Senior03/02/2013
Hanks Jr.,George C.01/07/201504/20/201505 - TXSAtlas,Nancy F.Senior06/20/2014
Olvera Jr.,Jose Rolando01/07/201505/21/201505 - TXSTagle,Hilda G.Senior12/31/2012
Ketchmark,Roseann A.01/07/201509/08/201508 - MOWFenner,Gary A.Senior09/08/2015
Parrish,Jill N.01/07/201505/21/201510 - UTBenson,Dee V.Senior01/01/2014
Stoll,Kara Farnandez01/07/201507/07/2015FD - CCARader,Randall R.Retired06/30/2014