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Confirmation Listing

This table lists judges confirmed by Congress. The table contains the name of the judge, the nomination date, the confirmation date, the court location, the incumbent - the judge who previously held the position, the vacancy reason, and the vacancy date.

NomineeNomination DateConfirmation DateCourtIncumbentVacancy ReasonVacancy Date
Bush,John Kenneth05/08/201707/20/201706 - CCABoggs,Danny J.Senior02/28/2017
Thapar,Amul Roger03/21/201705/25/201706 - CCAMartin Jr.,Boyce F.Retired08/16/2013
Erickson,Ralph R.06/07/201709/28/201708 - CCABye,Kermit EdwardSenior04/22/2015
Nye,David C.05/08/201707/12/201709 - IDLodge,Edward J.Senior07/03/2015
Newsom,Kevin Christopher05/08/201708/01/201711 - CCADubina,Joel F.Senior10/26/2013
Kelly,Timothy J.06/07/201709/05/2017DC - DCCollyer,Rosemary M.Senior05/18/2016
Gorsuch,Neil M.02/01/201704/07/2017SCScalia,AntoninDeceased02/13/2016