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New Federal Bar Chief Embraces Courts’ Civics Education

U.S. Magistrate Judge Michael Newman, of the Southern District of Ohio, takes over in September as the new president of the Federal Bar Association, comprised of federal legal practitioners and judges. In a new On Topic interview, he says that one of his major goals is to boost the association’s involvement in the federal courts’ civics education initiatives.

“We have 18,000 members, and I think those lawyers care about justice and they care about young people, and they want to explain to young people the importance of how the federal courts work, how judges go about deciding cases every day,” Newman told On Topic. “We’re trying to create an opportunity for that linkage to happen.”

Across the nation, federal courts conduct interactive simulations of legal proceedings on contemporary and relatable controversies.  These realistic hearings in courtrooms, classrooms and communities are presided over by federal judges and coached by volunteer attorneys.

On Topic is an interview series in which experts talk about the programs, issues and ideas shaping the federal courts.