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September 2011

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Judicial Conference Honors Departing Director Duff

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AO Director Jim Duff receives the Judicial Conference resolution from Chief Justice John Roberts Jr.

AO Director Jim Duff receives the Judicial Conference resolution from Chief Justice John Roberts Jr.

At its September 2011 meeting, the Judicial Conference expressed its appreciation for out-going Administrative Office Director Jim Duff’s service to the federal Judiciary. A resolution passed by the Conference called Duff a “tenacious advocate for the Judiciary” and a “champion for maintaining the independence of the Third Branch.” 

Among the many accomplishments cited in the resolution were Duff’s strengthening of the ties between the AO and the courts it serves, his focus on teamwork and collaboration to administer the nation’s judicial system, and his leadership in forging strong working relationships with the General Services Administration and the United States Marshals Service to ensure the Judiciary had adequate facilities to carry out its mission and to secure the safety of the judicial community.

The resolution also acknowledged Duff’s “powerful voice for the Judiciary before Congress,” and his tireless work to obtain fair compensation for members of the Judiciary “so that the courts can continue to attract the highest caliber of judges and staff.” Duff also worked to ensure the public’s continued confidence in the integrity of the Judiciary, by strengthening the Judiciary’s internal oversight program.

“Jim Duff has led the Administrative Office during a period of great challenges—workload and security risks in the border courts, mammoth bankruptcy cases in the wake of the 2008–2009 financial crisis, and an increasingly austere fiscal environment,” the resolution noted. “His great gift as a leader is that he has faced these challenges with grace and optimism, as a consensus builder, a mediator, and a motivator. His warm personal qualities, including his humility, approachability, and sense of humor, make working with Jim a true pleasure. His sharp intellect, excellent judgment, and devotion to cause make working with him an honor.”