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September 2011

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Juror Appreciation Night Honors Service to Country

Juror Appreciation Night Honors Service to Country

See some baseball, appreciate some jurors,” announced the Des Moines Register newspaper. On August 31, federal and state jurors and their families were invited to Juror Appreciation Night as guests of the Triple-A Iowa Cubs. The Cubs played the Nashville Sounds at Principal Park in Des Moines, in game 3 of a 4-game series.

“The jurors were representatives of all those citizens who have given of their time and effort to help the judicial branch of government do its job,” said Chief Judge Robert W. Pratt of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Iowa. Pratt, with Chief Judge Arthur Gamble of Iowa’s Fifth Judicial District, welcomed the jurors who attended.

“Before we start a deliberation,” Pratt said. “I tell jurors they’re participating as the conscience of their community, but they still have to follow the law. I’m always impressed at how seriously they take that job, carefully going through the evidence. We under-appreciate the job jurors do.”

Jurors who attended, took the field in a pre-game ceremony, after which one federal and one state juror threw out the first ball—with Iowa Cub Pitcher Kyle Smit catching. Throughout the game, fun facts and quiz questions on jury duty were flashed on the Cubs’ scoreboard. To see the questions and score your own jury-sense, visit www.uscourts.gov/juror_quiz.