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November 2011

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Landmark Case Podcast Series on uscourts.gov

Landmark Case Podcast Series on uscourts.gov

A new podcast series on uscourts.gov looks at how landmark U.S. Supreme Court cases shaped history and continue to affect American life.

  • Mapp v. Ohio: The Supreme Court said evidence seized unlawfully, without a search warrant, could not be used in criminal prosecutions in state courts.
  • Texas v. Johnson: The Supreme Court decided that symbolic speech—no matter how offensive to some—is protected under the First Amendment.
  • Tinker v. Des Moines: The Supreme Court agreed that students had a right to freedom of speech.

Each episode explores a different landmark case as a law professor discusses the case’s background, key arguments, and the decision. New episodes will be available each month at uscourts.gov/landmarks.