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Open Meetings and Hearings of the Rules Committee


The Standing Committee and each of the Advisory Rules Committees typically meet twice per year. Committee meetings are open to the public, except when a committee — in open session and with a majority present — determines that it is in the public interest to have all or part of the meeting closed and states the reason.


The advisory committees conduct public hearings on all proposed amendments unless: (1) it is canceled for lack of public interest; (2) the Standing Committee determines that the administration of justice requires a proposed rule change to be expedited and that appropriate notice to the public can still be provided and public comment obtained; or (3) the Standing Committee determines that the proposed amendment is technical and conforming in nature. The hearings are held at the times and places that the advisory committee's chair determines and are recorded.

In addition to the below list of recent meetings and hearings, notices providing the time and place of each meeting or hearing are published in the Federal Register.

Upcoming Meetings and Hearings

6/6/16 - 6/7/16 Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure Meeting Washington, D.C.
9/19/16 - 9/20/16 Criminal Rules Meeting Missoula, MT
9/27/16 Bankruptcy Rules Hearing on Proposed Amendments to Rule 3015 and new Rule 3015.1 Pasadena, CA
10/17/16 - 10/18/16 Appellate Rules Meeting Washington, D.C.
10/21/16 Evidence Rules Meeting Los Angeles, CA
11/3/16 - 11/4/16 Civil Rules Meeting Washington, D.C.
11/14/16 Bankruptcy Rules Meeting Washington, D.C.
1/3/17 - 1/4/17 Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure Meeting Phoenix, AZ