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Illustrative Civil Rules Forms

Official Forms: The illustrative civil rules forms are officially published in an Appendix of Forms accompanying the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

Word-Processing Templates: For user convenience, the Administrative Office Forms Working Group of judges and clerks has recommended making available to the public the unofficial WordPerfect and Word-compatible rtf versions linked below. Given their nature, language in these forms may require modification before the document can be filed with the court. Red font is used to draw attention to these instances. Instructions are enclosed in angle brackets, and alternative phrases appear in square brackets. These forms are therefore offered as templates based on the official published forms, but are not identical to them.

  • Civil Forms 1 and 2 (combined). Caption; Date, Signature, Address, E-mail Address, and Telephone Number. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 3. Summons. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 4. Summons on a Third-Party Complaint. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 5. Notice of a Lawsuit and Request to Waive Service of a Summons. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 6. Waiver of the Service of Summons. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 7. Statement of Jurisdiction. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 8. Statement of Reasons for Omitting a Party. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 9. Statement Noting a Party's Death. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 10. Complaint to Recover a Sum Certain. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 11. Complaint for Negligence. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 12. Complaint for Negligence When the Plaintiff Does Not Know Who Is Responsible. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 13. Complaint for Negligence Under the Federal Employers' Liability Act. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 14. Complaint for Damages Under the Merchant Marine Act. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 15. Complaint for the Conversion of Property. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 16. Third-Party Complaint. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 17. Complaint for Specific Performance of a Contract to Convey Land. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 18. Complaint for Patent Infringement. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 19. Complaint for Copyright Infringement and Unfair Competition. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 20. Complaint for Interpleader and Declaratory Relief. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 21. Complaint on a Claim for a Debt and to Set Aside a Fraudulent Conveyance Under Rule 18(b). (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 30. Answer Presenting Defenses Under Rule 12(b). (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 31. Answer to a Complaint for Money Had and Received with a Counterclaim for Interpleader. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 40. Motion to Dismiss Under Rule 12(b) for Lack of Jurisdiction, Improper Venue, Insufficient Service of Process, or Failure to State a Claim. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 41. Motion to Bring in a Third-Party Defendant. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 42. Motion to Intervene as a Defendant Under Rule 24. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 50. Request to Produce Documents and Tangible Things, or to Enter onto Land Under Rule 34. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 51. Request for Admissions Under Rule 36. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 52. Report of the Parties' Planning Meeting. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 60. Notice of Condemnation. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 61. Complaint for Condemnation. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 70. Judgment on a Jury Verdict. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 71. Judgment by the Court without a Jury. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 80. Notice of a Magistrate Judge's Availability. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 81. Consent to an Assignment to a Magistrate Judge. (word) (WP)
  • Civil Form 82. Order of Assignment to a Magistrate Judge. (word) (WP)