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The federal Judiciary provides business opportunities for companies and organizations that follow the policies of the Judicial Conference of the United States.

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Procurement within the federal judiciary is not subject to the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR), which applies to most Executive Branch agencies. Judiciary procurement policies are the responsibility of the Procurement Management Division (PMD) within the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts (AO), and are issued in the Guide to Judiciary Policy, Volume 14 (Procurement). Offerors or contractors wishing to find the full text of individual provisions or clauses incorporated by reference in judiciary solicitations and contracts are directed to Appendix 1B of Volume 14.

Open Market Solicitations

In addition to publishing judiciary procurement policy, PMD provides operational contract support for the AO, and awards various judiciary-wide Blanket Purchase Agreements and indefinite contracts. Information on open market solicitations over $100,000 issued by either PMD, by local court units, or federal public defenders may be found on GSA’s Federal Business Opportunities.  

Smaller dollar open market solicitations issued by PMD are listed below. Information about smaller dollar open market solicitations issued by local court units or federal public defenders may be found on the individual court or federal public defender website.

Solicitations for Review

Solicitation No. Point of Contact Title/Description

USCA15R0059 Amendment 001

Questions and Answers


USCA15R0059: Pricing

NIST Special Publication: 800-53r4

FIPS 199: New Standards for Security Categorization of Federal Information and Information Systems

See Amendment 001 to Solicitation USCA15R0059 which includes Questions and Answers.

Proposal due date is extended to 3PM EST on October  9, 2015.

The Administrative Office of the US Courts (AOUSC) is seeking proposals to provide W-2 Printing and Distribution Services. See Solicitation USCA15R0059 for additional details including scope. Also see attached USCA15R0059 Pricing Schedule and two informational attachments.  

This is a Firm-Fixed Price open market pricing request.

Proposals shall be emailed to Vernelle Cleveland by 3PM EST on October 6, 2015.