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Judicial Facts and Figures

Statistical tables show the historical caseload of the U.S. courts. Data come from published and unpublished sources. Significant data fluctuations and changes in data collection are explained in footnotes.  Covers fiscal year data.

Except where specifically stated otherwise, data were compiled from annual reports published for the fiscal years noted (i.e., 1995 data are from the 1995 edition of the Annual Report of the Director: Judicial Business of the United States Courts). Sometimes minor revisions are made to data after initial publication. For example, data on pending cases for one year are frequently revised by the subsequent year’s publication. When the fiscal year reporting period was changed in 1992 from the 12-month period ending June 30 to the 12-month period ending September 30, some data for fiscal year 1990 were revised and reported in the next edition of Judicial Business of the United States Courts. In January 2012 the Judiciary Data and Analysis Office stopped creating and publishing criminal tables containing detailed case-level information as it was determined single-case profiles often do not capture the characteristics and complexity of multi-defendant cases. Criminal Cases Filed by Offense, has been eliminated. Please reference Table 5.3 for information concerning criminal defendants filed by offense. Several tables in this report include data that reflect those revisions.

Judicial Facts and Figures does not offer an analysis of the federal judicial caseload, although tables may note and explain significant fluctuations in the data. More detailed information appears in the Annual Report of the Director: Judicial Business of the United States Courts. If you have questions or comments on the statistical data presented in this report, please contact the Judiciary Data and Analysis Office at 202-502-1440 or via email at:


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