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Federal Probation Journal - December 2008

Federal Probation Journal (December 2008) is dedicated to informing its readers about current thought, research, and practice in corrections and criminal justice. Explore the issue.

This Issue in Brief

The Development and Validation of a Pretrial Screening Tool

By Christopher T. Lowenkamp, Richard Lemke, Edward Latessa

The Best Laid Plans: An Assessment of the Varied Consequences of New Technologies for Crime and Social Control

By James M. Byrne

The Empirical Status of the Level of Service Inventory

By Brenda Vose, Francis T. Cullen, Paula Smith

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention with Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders: Some Historical Perspective

By David W. Roush

Juvenile Sex Offenders and Sex Offender Legislation: Unintended Consequences

By Nancy G. Calley

Correlates of Re-arrest among Felony Domestic Violence Probationers

By Richard R. Johnson

Juvenile Focus

By Alvin W. Cohn

Your Bookshelf On Review: The Franks Case Revisited

By Dan Richard Beto

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