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Federal Probation Journal - June 2005

Federal Probation Journal (June 2005) is dedicated to informing its readers about current thought, research, and practice in corrections and criminal justice. Explore the issue.

This Issue in Brief

Bridging the Gap Between Theory and Practice—A Call to Action

By Kimberly Gentry Sperber, Martha Henderson-Hurley, Dena Hanley

Many people in the area of correctional treatment have pressed for evidence-based practices and lamented the gap between correctional research and correctional practice. The authors explore reasons for this disconnect and suggest ways that both academics and practitioners can form a mutually respectful and accountable partnership.

Improving the Employment Rate of Ex-Prisoners

By John Rakis

Recent years have seen increased awareness of the challenges faced by prisoners returning to their communities. The author explores the factors affecting employment of ex-offenders, a key component of avoiding recidivism, and suggests ways of systematically incorporating effective employment strategies, including interagency cooperation and goal-setting.

Court Management in an Environment of Scarcity

By Michael Eric Siegel

A world marked by fundamental dislocation and uncertainty, and a workplace marked by an environment of scarcity, call for new mental and new leadership approaches.

Mental Retardation and the Death Penalty

By Laurence Armand French

There is clear scientific evidence that the mentally retarded do not have the same mental resources and capacity as adults when it comes to full criminal responsibility—the standard that provides the basis for mens rea and hence the justification for society’s ultimate sanction, death.

Electronic Monitoring: Positive Intervention Strategies

By Ralph Kirkland Gable, Robert S. Gable

The authors remind us of what prompted the earliest experiments with electronic monitoring and suggest ways that today’s EM practices can have positive effects on those being monitored.

Prison Chapel Volunteers

By Richard Tewksbury, Sue Carter Collins

The authors study the backgrounds, recruitment, training and motivation of prison chapel volunteers who assist ministers, priests, and others who offer spiritual assistance to inmates.

Families and Children of Offenders Who Return Home

By Jeremy Travis

In an excerpt from a new book on Prisoner Reentry, the author examines the research on the dynamic of returning prisoners and their families, and explores programs that more deeply support and involve families in the reentry process.

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