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Federal Probation Journal - September 2002

Federal Probation Journal (September 2002) is dedicated to informing its readers about current thought, research, and practice in corrections and criminal justice. Explore the issue.

This Issue in Brief

Managing the Correctional Enterprise—The Quest for “What Works”

By Alvin W. Cohn, Guest Editor

Valuing Evaluation

By Felicia G. Cohn

Supervision—Exploring the Dimensions of Effectiveness

By Faye S. Taxman

Environmental Corrections—A New Paradigm for Effective Probation and Parole Supervision

By Francis T. Cullen, John E. Eck, Christopher T. Lowenkamp

Why “What Works” Matters Under the “Broken Windows” Model of Supervision

By Edward E. Rhine

Beyond Correctional Quackery: Professionalism and the Possibility of Effective Treatment

By Edward J. Latessa, Francis T. Cullen, Paul Gendreau

What Works in Juvenile Justice Outcome Measurement: A Comparison of Predicted Success to Observed Performance

By Kristin Parsons Winokur, Ted Tollett, Sherry Jackson

Gender-Responsive Programming in the Justice System: Oregon's Guidelines for Effective Programming for Girls

By Marcia Morgan, Pam Patton

School-Based Substance Abuse Prevention: Political Finger-Pointing Does Not Work

By Michelle R. Burke

Juvenile Corrections and Continuity of Care in Community Context: The Evidence and Promising Directions

By David M. Altschuler, Troy L. Armstrong

Biopsychosocial Treatment of Antisocial and Conduct-Disordered Offenders

By Henry R. Cellini

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