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Federal Probation Journal - September 2006

Federal Probation Journal (September 2006) is dedicated to informing its readers about current thought, research, and practice in corrections and criminal justice. Explore the issue.

This Issue in Brief

Special Issue: Risk Assessment

Introduction: Why Assessment "Matters" in an Evidence-Based Community Corrections System

By James Byrne, Guest Editor

Assessment with a Flair: Offender Accountability in Supervision Plans

By Faye Taxman

What Community Supervision Officers Need to Know About Actuarial Risk Assessment and Clinical Judgment

By Patricia Harris

Clinical Versus Actuarial Judgments in Criminal Justice Decisions: Should One replace the Other?

By Stephen D. Gottfredson, Laura J. Moriarty

Overcoming Sisyphus: Effective Prediction of Mental Health Disorders and Recidivism Among Delinquents

By Albert Roberts, Kimberly Bender

Mental Illness in Correctional Populations: The Use of Standardized Screening Tools for Further Evaluation or Treatment

By Arthur Lurigio, James A. Swartz

Risk Assessment and Sex Offender Community Supervision: A Context-Specific Framework

By Andrew Harris

Validating the Level of Service Inventory—Revised on a Sample of Federal Probationers

By Anthony W. Flores, Christopher T. Lowenkamp, Paula Smith, Edward J. Latessa

Validation of the Risk and Resiliency Assessment Tool for Juveniles in the Los Angeles County Probation System

By Susan Turner, Terry Fain

How Much Risk Can We Take? The Misuse of Risk Assessment in Corrections

By James Austin

Assessing the Role of Clinical and Actuarial Risk Assessment in an Evidence-Based Community Corrections System: Issues to Consider

By James Byrne, April Pattavina

From Theory to Practice: The Lifecycle Document for the Results-Based Management Framework for the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services System

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