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Federal Probation Journal - September 2012

Federal Probation Journal (September 2012) is dedicated to informing its readers about current thought, research, and practice in corrections and criminal justice. Explore the issue.

This Issue in Brief

SPECIAL FOCUS ON: The 30th Anniversary of the Pretrial Services Act of 1982

The Re-validation of the Federal Pretrial Services Risk Assessment (PTRA)

By Timothy P. Cadigan, James L. Johnson, Christopher T. Lowenkamp

U.S. Pretrial Services: A Place in History

By Donna Makowiecki

I Had a Dream: Alternatives to Prison Solution Program (APS) in the Southern District of California

By Nancee S. Schwartz

The Eastern District of Michigan: How Does It Consistently Achieve High Release Rates?

By Timothy P. Cadigan, Marie VanNostrand, Alan Murray

Pretrial Services along the Border: A District of Arizona Perspective

By David Martin, James F. Metcalf

The Evolution of Community Supervision Practice: The Transformation from Case Manager to Change Agent

By Guy Bourgon, Leticia Gutierrez, Jennifer Ashton

The Importance of Coaching: A Brief Survey of Probation Officers

By Melanie S. Lowenkamp, Charles R. Robinson, Igor Koutsenok, Christopher T. Lowenkamp, Natalie Pearl

Responding to Probationers with Mental Illness

By Lauren C. Babchuk, Arthur J. Lurigio, Kelli E. Canada, Matthew W. Epperson

Contemporary Origins of Restorative Justice Programming: The Minnesota Restitution Center

By Joe Hudson

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