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Are Pretrial Services Officers Reliable in Rating Pretrial Risk Assessment Tools? September, 2018
Analyzing Bond Supervision Survey Data: The Effects of Pretrial Detention on Self-Reported Outcomes September, 2018
Federal Pretrial Release and the Detention Reduction Outreach Program (DROP) September, 2018
A Rejoinder to Dressel and Farid: New Study Finds Computer Algorithm Is More Accurate Than Humans at Predicting Arrest and as Good as a Group of 20 Lay Experts September, 2018
Examining Federal Pretrial Release Trends Over the Last Decade September, 2018
The Rising Federal Pretrial Detention Rate, in Context September, 2018
Revalidating the Federal Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (PTRA): A Research Summary September, 2018
Overview of Federal Pretrial Services Initiatives from the Vantage Point of the Criminal Law Committee September, 2018
The Living Laboratory Studies: Providing Insights into Community Supervision Practices June, 2018
Probation Officer as a Coach: Building a New Professional Identity June, 2018
Probation's Changing Role in California: Challenges and Opportunities for Hybrid Supervision June, 2018
Creating a Model Correctional Officer Training Academy: Implications from a National Survey June, 2018
Perceptions of Offender Satisfaction on Probation and Supervised Release with STARR Skill Sets June, 2018
Costs and Benefits of Implementing a Root Cause Analysis Framework into the Queensland Correctional Oversight System December, 2017
The Impact of Location Monitoring Among U.S. Pretrial Defendants in the District of New Jersey December, 2017
National Variation in Fieldwork Goals, Training, and Activities December, 2017
Key Factors to Promote Successful Comprehensive Reentry Initiatives December, 2017
What Legally Prescribed Functions Tell Us: Role Differences Between Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers December, 2017
Removal of Non-scored Items from the Post Conviction Risk Assessment Instrument: An Evaluation of Data-driven Risk Assessment Research within the Federal System September, 2017
The Presumption for Detention Statute's Relationship to Release Rates September, 2017
Federal Sentencing Policy: Role of the Judicial Conference of the United States and the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts September, 2017
The Integral Role of Federal Probation Officers in the Guidelines System September, 2017
Reflecting on Parole's Abolition in the Federal Sentencing System September, 2017
Five Questions for the Next Thirty Years of Federal Sentencing September, 2017
State Sentencing Guidelines: A Garden Full of Variety September, 2017