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Women's History Month
Celebrate Law Day

Celebrate Law Day and the 60th anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education with a re-enactment that gives voice to the historic figures in the case.

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Anniversary of the Federal Courts
Anniversary of the Federal Courts

This year is the 225th Anniversary of the Federal Courts. Learn about their impact on your daily life.

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About Educational Resources
About Educational Outreach

The federal courts' unique niche in civics education is real-life courtroom simulations hosted by Judges and coached by volunteer attorneys.

About Outreach

Get Informed

Find need-to-know basics – all in one place. Federal courts in a nutshell, diagrams, charts, and fast facts provide practical information.

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Participate and be civically engaged. Bring high-impact Supreme Court decisions into everyday life with landmark cases applied to realistic, teen situations.

Get Inspired

Celebrate civic observances, honor heritage months, and be motivated by judges' personal stories. Multimedia tools build constitutional literacy and inspire.