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Federal Probation Journal - September 2008

Federal Probation Journal (September 2008) is dedicated to informing its readers about current thought, research, and practice in corrections and criminal justice. Explore the issue.

This Issue in Brief

SPECIAL ISSUE: “Moving with Research to Results”


By Nancy Beatty Gregoire, Guest Editor

Results-Based Management in Federal Probation and Pretrial Services

By John M. Hughes

The Evolution of Supervision in the Federal Probation System

By Melissa Alexander, Scott VanBenschoten

Constructing an EBP Post-Conviction Model of Supervision in United States Probation, District of Hawaii

By Janet T. Davidson, Richard Crawford, Elizabeth Kerwood

Organizational Change in the Heartland of Opportunity

By Robert J. Askelson

Risk/Needs Assessment: Is This the Best We Can Do?

By Scott VanBenschoten

Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions: Where They Come From and What They Do

By Chris Hansen

Making “What Works” Work for Rural Districts

By Michael P. McGrath

Community Reentry Following Prison: A Process Evaluation of the ACE Program

By Laura Knollenberg, Valerie A. Martin

Motivational Interviewing Training in Criminal Justice: Development of a Model Plan

By Melissa Alexander, Scott W. VanBenschoten, Scott T. Walters

The Officer Responses Questionnaire: A Procedure for Measuring Reflective Listening in Probation and Parole Settings

By Scott T. Walters, Melissa Alexander, Amanda M. Vader

Offender Workforce Development: A New (and Better?) Approach to an Old Challenge

By Jack McDonough, William D. Burrell

A Changing Role: Perspectives from Two Officers

By James Paul, Lisa Feuerbach

Research 2 Results (R2R) – The Pretrial Services Experience

By Carol M. Miyashiro

Evidence-based Practices in Federal Pretrial Services

By Timothy P. Cadigan

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