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James M. Byrne

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The Effectiveness of Prison Programming: A Review of the Research Literature Examining the Impact of Federal, State, and Local Inmate Programming on Post-Release Recidivism Download (714.29 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Prison, Recidivism, Reentry June 2020
Costs and Benefits of Implementing a Root Cause Analysis Framework into the Queensland Correctional Oversight System Download (106.07 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Management, Prison December 2017
After the Fall: Assessing the Impact of the Great Prison Experiment on Future Crime Control Policy Download (174.74 KB) Prison, Criminology December 2013
Implementation and Impact of the Central District of California's Suicide Prevention Program for Federal Sex Crime Defendants Download (164.51 KB) Mental Health, Pretrial, Sex Offenders June 2012
New Defendants, New Responsibilities: Preventing Suicide among Alleged Sex Offenders in the Federal Pretrial System Download (76.28 KB) Mental Health, Pretrial September 2009
The Best Laid Plans: An Assessment of the Varied Consequences of New Technologies for Crime and Social Control Download (124.03 KB) Criminology, Supervision December 2008
Crime Control Strategies and Community Change--Reframing the Surveillance vs. Treatment Debate Download (485.42 KB) Criminology, Supervision June 2006
Introduction: Reentry: The Emperor's New Clothes Download (62.25 KB) Reentry September 2004
Targeting for Reentry: Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria Across Eight RPI Programs Download (104.23 KB) Reentry September 2004
Examining the Role of Police in the Reentry Partnership Initiatives Download (117.63 KB) Reentry September 2004