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Understanding Resistance in Correctional Therapy: Why Some Clients Don't Do What They Should, and What to Do About It Download (157.53 KB) Criminology, Probation June 2017
An Examination of the Impact of Criminological Theory on Community Corrections Practice Download (181.21 KB) Criminology December 2016
An Examination of Deterrence Theory: Where Do We Stand? Download (222.13 KB) Criminology December 2016
Trends in the Criminality and Victimization of the Elderly Download (177.43 KB) Criminology June 2016
Is Project HOPE Creating a False Sense of Hope? A Case Study in Correctional Popularity Download (268.89 KB) Criminology, Substance Abuse, Supervision September 2014
Response to Duriez, Cullen, and Manchak: Theory and Evidence on the Swift-Certain-Fair Approach to Enforcing Conditions of Community Supervision Download (97.02 KB) Supervision, Criminology September 2014
Before Adopting Project HOPE, Read the Warning Label: A Rejoinder to Kleiman, Kilmer, and Fisher's Comment Download (80.18 KB) Supervision, Criminology, Substance Abuse September 2014
Improving Legitimacy in Community-Based Corrections Download (106.41 KB) Criminology, Supervision June 2014
How Far Have We Come? The Gluecks' Recommendations from 500 Delinquent Women Download (95.74 KB) Prison, Criminology, History of probation June 2014
After the Fall: Assessing the Impact of the Great Prison Experiment on Future Crime Control Policy Download (174.74 KB) Prison, Criminology December 2013
Lies, Liars, and Lie Detection Download (140.69 KB) Criminology December 2011
The Best Laid Plans: An Assessment of the Varied Consequences of New Technologies for Crime and Social Control Download (124.03 KB) Criminology, Supervision December 2008
American Criminal Justice Philosophy Revisited Download (63.16 KB) History of probation, Criminology June 2008
Crime Control Strategies and Community Change--Reframing the Surveillance vs. Treatment Debate Download (485.42 KB) Criminology, Supervision June 2006
In Cold Blood Revisited: A Look Back at an American Crime Download (51.71 KB) Criminology June 2004
Criminal Justice and the IT Revolution Download (106.92 KB) Criminology September 2001
Genetic Factors and Criminal Behavior Download (43.79 KB) Criminology December 2000
Early Termination: Outdated Concept in an Era of Punitiveness Download (32.71 KB) Criminology, Probation June 1999
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