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Some content on may require certain software and/or plug-ins to be viewable. Plug-ins are software that work with your browser to provide capability the browser may not otherwise have. Most software vendors offer versions of their plug-ins for each computer platform type (i.e., Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc...).

For your convenience, we have listed the most common plug-ins that may be used on this site and provided links to vendor sites where the software can be obtained. These links do not indicate an endorsement of the products and are provided merely for convenience. Questions on use or installation should be directed to the respective vendor.

Reachdeck Information

Reachdeck allows users to listen to or translate text that appears on a website. As a cloud-based product, Reachdeck works with web browsers with just a click of the "Listen to Page" icon in the top utility navigation of

Reachdeck can help individuals who have: 
• difficulties reading text online;
• literacy problems; 
• learning disability such as dyslexia; 
• limited English language skills and find it easier to listen to spoken text instead of reading the words on a page.

Technical assistance.