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Beyond the New Jim Crow: Public Support for Removing and Regulating Collateral Consequences Download (231.14 KB) Prison, Reentry December 2020
The Effectiveness of Prison Programming: A Review of the Research Literature Examining the Impact of Federal, State, and Local Inmate Programming on Post-Release Recidivism Download (714.29 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Prison, Recidivism, Reentry June 2020
"To the Greatest Extent Practicable"—Confronting the Implementation Challenges of the First Step Act Download (36.14 MB) Prison, Reentry, Supervision December 2019
Measuring Hope in Jail Inmates with Substance Use Problems Download (121.55 KB) Prison, Program Evaluation, Substance Use September 2019
Gender Differences in a Disease Risk Reduction Intervention for People in Prison-based Substance Abuse Treatment Download (167.23 KB) Prison, Program Evaluation, Substance Use September 2019
Fidelity in Evidence-based Practices in Jail Settings Download (131.43 KB) Prison, Program Evaluation, Substance Use September 2019
Analyzing Bond Supervision Survey Data: The Effects of Pretrial Detention on Self-Reported Outcomes Download (174.97 KB) Pretrial, Prison September 2018
Creating a Model Correctional Officer Training Academy: Implications from a National Survey Download (187.98 KB) Prison, Training June 2018
Costs and Benefits of Implementing a Root Cause Analysis Framework into the Queensland Correctional Oversight System Download (106.07 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Management, Prison December 2017
A Longitudinal Survey of Newly-Released Prisoners: Methods and Design of the Boston Reentry Study Download (192.92 KB) Prison, Reentry June 2017
Methodological Challenges to the Study and Understanding of Solitary Confinement Download (82 KB) Prison December 2015
How Today's Prison Crisis is Shaping Tomorrow's Federal Criminal Justice System Download (137.96 KB) Probation, Prison, Federal Courts September 2015
National Public Registry of Active-Warrants: A Policy Proposal Download (97.67 KB) Prison June 2015
How Far Have We Come? The Gluecks' Recommendations from 500 Delinquent Women Download (95.74 KB) Prison, Criminology, History of probation June 2014
After the Fall: Assessing the Impact of the Great Prison Experiment on Future Crime Control Policy Download (174.74 KB) Prison, Criminology December 2013
Too Many Going Back, Not Enough Getting Out? Supervision Violators, Probation Supervision, and Overcrowding in the Federal Bureau of Prisons Download (642.7 KB) Supervision, Probation, Prison September 2013
Inmates Who Receive Visits in Prison: Exploring Factors that Predict Download (470.21 KB) Prison December 2012
Prisons, Community Partnerships, and Academia: Sustainable Programs and Community Needs Download (106.23 KB) Prison June 2012
Beyond the Prison Bubble Download (45.17 KB) Prison June 2011
Organizational Readiness in Corrections Download (180.25 KB) Prison June 2011
Implementing Gender-Responsive Treatment for Women in Prison Download (83.94 KB) Prison December 2010
How Principles of High Reliability Organizations Relate to Corrections Download (154.05 KB) Management, Prison December 2009
Good Job or Dirty Job? Public Perceptions of Correctional Employment Download (123.39 KB) Prison December 2009
Sexual Victimization and Requests for Assistance in Inmates' Letters to the National Prison Rape Elimination Commission Download (95.57 KB) Prison, Sex Offenders December 2009
A Protocol for Comprehensive Hostage Negotiation Training Within Correctional Institutions Download (155.53 KB) Prison, Training December 2007


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