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Does Reducing Supervision for Low-risk Probationers Jeopardize Community Safety? Download (166.21 KB) Probation, Recidivism June 2020
Hawaii Federal Court Restorative Reentry Circle Pilot Project Download (144.72 KB) Pretrial, Probation, Reentry, Restorative justice June 2020
Developmentally-Grounded Approaches to Juvenile Probation Practice: A Case Study Download (26.71 MB) Juveniles, Probation December 2019
Overview of Substance Use Disorder Occurrence and Treatment in the Federal Judiciary Download (126.21 KB) Probation, Program Evaluation, Substance Abuse September 2019
Facilitating Self-exploration and Behavioral Change Associated with HIV Risk Reduction: A Qualitative Study of Individuals on Probation and Their Experiences Using a Decision-making App Download (133.6 KB) Probation, Program Evaluation September 2019
Residential Drug Treatment for High-Risk Probationers: Evaluating the Link Between Program Integrity and Recidivism Download (22 MB) Probation, Recidivism, Substance Abuse June 2019
A History of Court-Imposed Probation Fees in Texas Download (37.89 MB) Fines, Fees, and Restitution, Probation June 2019
Outcomes of Motivational Interviewing Training with Probation and Parole Officers: Findings and Lessons Learned Download (157.77 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Parole, Probation December 2018
The Living Laboratory Studies: Providing Insights into Community Supervision Practices Download (162.78 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation, Supervision June 2018
Probation Officer as a Coach: Building a New Professional Identity Download (135.09 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation, Supervision June 2018
Probation's Changing Role in California: Challenges and Opportunities for Hybrid Supervision Download (116.98 KB) Probation, Supervision June 2018
Perceptions of Offender Satisfaction on Probation and Supervised Release with STARR Skill Sets Download (168.46 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation, Supervision June 2018
National Variation in Fieldwork Goals, Training, and Activities Download (120.99 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2017
What Legally Prescribed Functions Tell Us: Role Differences Between Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers Download (175.39 KB) Juveniles, Probation December 2017
Removal of Non-scored Items from the Post Conviction Risk Assessment Instrument: An Evaluation of Data-driven Risk Assessment Research within the Federal System Download (198.8 KB) PCRA, Probation, Risk Assessment September 2017
Understanding Resistance in Correctional Therapy: Why Some Clients Don't Do What They Should, and What to Do About It Download (157.53 KB) Criminology, Probation June 2017
Fugitives from Justice: An Examination of Felony and Misdemeanor Probation Absconders in a Large Jurisdiction Download (171.89 KB) Probation June 2017
Comparison of Recidivism Studies: AOUSC, USSC, and BJS Download (94.56 KB) Probation, Federal Courts June 2017
Imagining Sentinel Event Reviews in the U.S. Probation and Pretrial Services System Download (111.65 KB) Supervision, Probation September 2016
Street-level Discretion and Organizational Effectiveness in Probation Services Download (204.68 KB) Management, Probation, Supervision June 2016
Probation Officer Roles: A Statutory Analysis Download (203.68 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2015
Accountability and Collaboration: Strengthening Our System Through Office Reviews Download (110.79 KB) Supervision, Probation December 2015
Using Organizational Strategies to Improve Substance Abuse Treatment for Probationers: A Case Study in Delaware Download (122.93 KB) Management, Probation, Substance Abuse December 2015
Reprint in Honor of the 90th Anniversary of the Federal Probation System: The Federal Probation and Pretrial Services System Since 1975: An Era of Growth and Change Download (121.87 KB) Probation, History of probation, Federal Courts December 2015
State of the System: Federal Probation and Pretrial Services Download (280.12 KB) Federal Courts, Pretrial, Probation September 2015


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