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Effective Supervision Strategies: Do Frequent Changes of Supervision Officers Affect Probationer Outcomes? Download (193.9 KB) Supervision, Probation December 2011
Testing the Validity of Pupillometer Technology Against Traditional Drug Screening Instruments Download (228.33 KB) Probation, Substance Abuse December 2011
We're Back on Track: Preparing for the Next 50 Years Download (62.24 KB) Federal Courts, History of probation, Pretrial, Probation September 2011
Goodbye to a Worn-Out Dichotomy: Law Enforcement, Social Work, and a Balanced Approach Download (562.96 KB) Probation, Supervision, Evidence-based Practices September 2011
Who Cares What Offenders Think? New Insight from Offender Surveys Download (248.74 KB) Supervision, Probation September 2011
A Pilot Survey Linking Personality, Leadership Style, and Leadership Success among Probation Directors in the U.S. Download (178.83 KB) Management, Probation December 2010
The Role of Probation and Parole Officers in the Collaborative Response to Sex Offenders Download (61.65 KB) Sex Offenders, Probation, Parole June 2010
Turnover Intention among Probation Officers and Direct Care Staff: A Statewide Study Download (144.83 KB) Management, Probation December 2009
Predicting Juvenile Recidivism Using the San Diego Regional Resiliency Check-up Download (89.65 KB) Juveniles, Probation December 2009
Estimating the Impact of Kentucky's Felon Disenfranchisement Policy on 2008 Presidential and Senatorial Elections Download (83.24 KB) Probation, Parole June 2009
The Effect of Participatory Management on Internal Stress, Overall Job Satisfaction, and Turnover Intention among Federal Probation Officers Download (211.6 KB) Management, Probation June 2009
The Empirical Status of the Level of Service Inventory Download (116.44 KB) Risk Assessment, Probation December 2008
Correlates of Re-arrest among Felony Domestic Violence Probationers Download (79.34 KB) Probation, Supervision December 2008
The Evolution of Supervision in the Federal Probation System Download (83.01 KB) Probation, Evidence-based Practices, Supervision September 2008
Motivational Interviewing Training in Criminal Justice: Development of a Model Plan Download (64.8 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation September 2008
Barriers to Effective Program Implementation: Rural School-based Probation Download (84.29 KB) Juveniles, Probation June 2008
Probation and Parole Officers Speak Out: Caseload and Workload Allocation Download (121.93 KB) Probation, Parole December 2007
Probation and Parole Officers and Discretionary Decision-Making: Response to Technical and Criminal Violations Download (87.75 KB) Probation, Parole June 2007
Probation Conditions vs. Probation Officer Directives: Where the Twain Shall Meet Download (53.15 KB) Probation December 2006
Accomplishments in Juvenile Probation in California Over the Last Decade Download (111.09 KB) Juveniles, Probation June 2006
Year-in-Review Report of the Federal Probation and Pretrial Services System Download (56.18 KB) Pretrial, Probation December 2005
Motivational Interviewing for Probation Staff: Increasing the Readiness to Change (Part I) Download (92.81 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation December 2005
Multicultural Competencies in Probation: Issues and Challenges Download (89.32 KB) Probation June 2004
A Theoretical Basis for Handling Technical Violations Download (184.22 KB) Probation December 2003
Justifications for the Probation Sanction Among Residents of Virginia--Cool or Uncool? Download (139.15 KB) Probation December 2003


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