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Developmentally-Grounded Approaches to Juvenile Probation Practice: A Case Study Download (26.71 MB) Juveniles, Probation December 2019
Preventing Delinquency Through Integrated Physical and Behavioral Health Screening and Services: Lessons Learned for Policy and Practice Download (14 MB) Juveniles December 2019
Using a Train-the-Trainer Model to Promote Practice Change among Agencies Serving Justice-Involved Youth Download (21.27 MB) Juveniles, Training December 2019
Operationalizing a Behavioral Health Services Cascade of Care Model: Lessons Learned from a 33-Site Implementation in Juvenile Justice Community Supervision Download (521.29 KB) Juveniles, Program Evaluation, Substance Abuse September 2019
The Validity of TCU Drug Screen 5 for Identifying Substance Use Disorders among Justice-Involved Youth Download (114.01 KB) Juveniles, Program Evaluation, Substance Abuse September 2019
What Legally Prescribed Functions Tell Us: Role Differences Between Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers Download (175.39 KB) Juveniles, Probation December 2017
Collaboration in Juvenile Justice: A Multi-Agency Study Download (518.37 KB) Juveniles December 2012
Juvenile Probation Officers: How the Perception of Roles Affects Training Experiences for Evidence-Based Practice Implementation Download (219.37 KB) Juveniles, Probation, Evidence-based Practices December 2011
Predicting Juvenile Recidivism Using the San Diego Regional Resiliency Check-up Download (89.65 KB) Juveniles, Probation December 2009
New Directions in Juvenile Sex Offender Management: Designing a Collaborative Approach Download (84.73 KB) Juveniles, Sex Offenders December 2009
Cognitive Behavioral Interventions with Serious and Violent Juvenile Offenders: Some Historical Perspective Download (87.34 KB) Juveniles, Mental Health December 2008
Juvenile Sex Offenders and Sex Offender Legislation: Unintended Consequences Download (71.91 KB) Juveniles, Sex Offenders December 2008
Barriers to Effective Program Implementation: Rural School-based Probation Download (84.29 KB) Juveniles, Probation June 2008
Probation Intake: Gatekeeper to the Family Court Download (66.44 KB) History of probation, Juveniles June 2008
Faith-Based Approaches for Controlling the Delinquency of Juvenile Offenders Download (101.3 KB) Juveniles June 2007
Juvenile Offenders and Sex Offender Registries Download (76.98 KB) Juveniles, Sex Offenders December 2006
Overcoming Sisyphus: Effective Prediction of Mental Health Disorders and Recidivism Among Delinquents Download (104.96 KB) Risk Assessment, Mental Health, Juveniles September 2006
Validation of the Risk and Resiliency Assessment Tool for Juveniles in the Los Angeles County Probation System Download (3.5 MB) Risk Assessment, Juveniles September 2006
Accomplishments in Juvenile Probation in California Over the Last Decade Download (111.09 KB) Juveniles, Probation June 2006
Restorative Justice Dialogue: The Impact of Mediation and Conferencing on Juvenile Recidivism Download (73.78 KB) Restorative justice, Juveniles December 2005
Planning for the Future of Juvenile Justice Download (66.54 KB) Juveniles December 2004
Over-representation of Minorities in the Juvenile Justice System: Three Counties in Rural Texas Download (62.94 KB) Juveniles December 2004
First Count to Ten: Innovation and Implementation in Juvenile Reintegration Programs Download (122.36 KB) Reentry, Juveniles September 2004
Internet Training for Juvenile Justice Professionals Download (142.88 KB) Cybercrime, Juveniles December 2003
What Works in Juvenile Justice Outcome Measurement: A Comparison of Predicted Success to Observed Performance Download (74.26 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Juveniles September 2002


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