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Cinadr, et. al. v KBR, Inc, et al

Case Summary: 11-cv-00010-JAJ

This is a case involving a complaint by employees that they were not being paid for the time it takes them to get from the parking lot to their job and for the time it takes them to don their gear.

Plaintiffs filed a claim against their employers alleging violations of the Fair Labor Standards Act (“FLSA”) and the Iowa Wage Payment Collection Act (“IWPCA”). Defendants were hired to provide maintenance services for Archer Daniel Midlands (“ADM”) in its plant in Clinton, Iowa. Plaintiffs allege that Defendants did not pay them but required them to park away from the work site and take a bus to the gate of the plant, placed the time clock a half-mile to a mile from the entrance of the plant, requiring them to walk a substantial distance to clock-in and to perform work on the walk, required them to work during their meal periods, and failed to pay them for donning and doffing required personal protective equipment (“PPE”). Defendants deny all of Plaintiffs’ allegations.

Plaintiffs also requested to be considered a class for class action purposes. The FLSA allows an employee to bring an action on behalf of himself and any other “similarly situated” employees.

This video is of the hearing on Plaintiffs’ Motions for Summary Judgment and to Certify the Class and Defendants’ Motions for Summary Judgment and to Decertify the Class. The court has ruled on the merits of the proceedings, denying payment for travel from the parking lot to the entrance and for dressing, and sending the other issues to trial. The court certified the class for the inside the plant work claims but not for the work during lunch claims.

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Cinadr, et. al. v KBR, Inc, et al
Cinadr, et. al. v KBR, Inc, et al
Cinadr, et. al. v KBR, Inc, et al, Case Number 3:11-cv-00010-JAR, 2/7/2013, 1:30 pm (CST), Davenport Courthouse, Davenport, IA, Judge John A. Jarvey presiding

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