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Eason v Marriott, International Inc.

Case Summary: 12-cv-11779

Plaintiff Michael Eason reserved a room at the Boston Marriott Burlington Hotel for September 16, 2009 and checked in that evening. When Plaintiff and his guest entered the reserved room, all of the lights were off and the room was dark except for the light coming from the hallway and a small gap in the window curtains. Plaintiff proceeded into the room and, after the hallway door had closed behind him, tripped over a coffee table and sustained injuries.

Plaintiff filed a complaint against Defendant Marriott International, Inc., which advertises and facilitates reservations for the Burlington Hotel, in state court alleging negligence. The case was removed to the Federal District of Massachusetts, where Defendant filed a Motion for Summary Judgment. This video shows the hearing on Defendant’s motion. The court subsequently granted the motion after finding that (1) traversing an unfamiliar room in darkness is an obvious danger that obviates any standard of care owed to Plaintiff by Defendant under Massachusetts state law, and (2) Plaintiff failed to demonstrate that Defendant had any control over the reserved hotel room.

Case Highlights

  • Notice of Removal 9/25/2012 (Doc #1)
  • Answer filed 10/16/2012 (Doc #9)
  • Motion for Summary Judgment filed by Defendant 11/21/2012 (Doc #16)
  • Order granting Defendant’s motion 5/28/2014 (Doc #42)

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Eason v Marriott, Intl Inc.
Eason v Marriott, Intl Inc.
Eason v Marriott, Intl Inc., 12cv11779, Personal Injury/Wrongful Death, Motion for Summary Judgment, 5/1/2014, 3:00 PM (EST), J. Joseph Moakley Courthouse, Boston, MA., Judge Denise J. Casper presiding.

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