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Hammock v. Jensen et al

Case Summary: 12-cv-00094-CRW

This is a civil rights action filed, pro se, by a man arrested for a drug crime who was not ultimately convicted of the crime.

The plaintiff has sued every police officer in the Davenport Police Department involved in his arrest, the search of his vehicle, his strip search, and his detention at the police station. He has also sued every nurse and doctor involved in his care in the hospital emergency room where he was brought for treatment based on his physical complaints from the process. Finally, he has sued every prosecutor involved in what he considers to be a malicious prosecution. He alleges violations of the Fourth and Eighth Amendment, as well as the equal protection clause, of the U.S. Constitution and the Iowa Constitution. He also named the City of Davenport and its mayor, the chief of police, and the State of Iowa. The Plaintiff seeks relief in the form of punitive damages and compensatory damages.

Plaintiff claims that police fabricated charges against him, falsely arrested him, and that county attorneys maliciously prosecuted him and withheld exculpatory evidence from him. He claims his vehicle and his person were illegally searched, and his property was illegally seized. He claims he suffered physical and psychological injury during the searches and seizure.

The video is of a hearing on numerous Defendants’ Motion for Summary Judgment. Defendants claim that Plaintiff failed to make any legal claim against many of them in his pleadings and/or that they are immune from suit and/or that, based on undisputed evidence, there was no violation of his civil rights or, if there was a violation, it was not in bad faith.

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Hammock v. Jensen
Hammock v. Jensen
Hammock v. Jensen et al, Case Number 3:12-cv-00094-CRW , 2/22/2013, 9:30 M (CST), Davenport Courthouse, Davenport, IA, Judge Charles R. Wolle presiding.

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