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Ralton v. Collecto, Inc.

Case Summary: 14-cv-13184

Plaintiff Christine Ralton brought an action against Defendant Collecto, Inc., for an alleged failure to pay her proper prevailing wages while she was employed by Defendant. Defendant, a debt collection agency, won a contract with the United Stated Department of Education to collect student loan debt. In 2005, Defendant hired Plaintiff as a Loan Recovery Specialist. Plaintiff stopped working for Defendant under the federal contract in 2011, when she moved to a new position in Defendant’s compliance department. Plaintiff alleges that from 2005 to March 2011, Defendant was paying her less than required by the McNamara-O’Hara Service Contract Act (SCA).

In this video, the Court hears oral arguments from Plaintiff and Defendant on a Motion to Dismiss. Plaintiff argues that, pursuant to the SCA, Defendant should have paid her substantially more than what she was being paid while working for Defendant under the federal contract. Defendant argues that Plaintiff has no standing to bring this action because the SCA does not provide employees with a private right of action against their employers for failure to pay prevailing wages. Defendant also argues that Plaintiff’s claim is barred by the statute of limitations because the complaint was filed more than three years after any alleged violation. The Court grants Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss.

Case Highlights

  • Motion to Dismiss filed 8/8/2014 (Doc #5)

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Ralton V Collecto, Inc
Ralton V Collecto, Inc
Ralton V Collecto, Inc, Case Number 14-v-13184, Labor and Employment Case, Motion to Dismiss, 12/03/2014, 3:30 PM (EST), United States District Court, Boston, Massachusetts, Judge Denise Casper presiding.

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