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Christopher T. Lowenkamp

Title File Topic Issue
Revalidating the Federal Pretrial Risk Assessment Instrument (PTRA): A Research Summary Download (142.96 KB) Pretrial, PTRA September 2018
A Rejoinder to Dressel and Farid: New Study Finds Computer Algorithm Is More Accurate Than Humans at Predicting Arrest and as Good as a Group of 20 Lay Experts Download (170.37 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Risk Assessment September 2018
Enhancing Community Supervision Through the Application of Dynamic Risk Assessment Download (140.92 KB) Evidence-based Practices, PCRA, Risk Assessment September 2016
Introduction to Federal Probation Special Focus on Implementing Evidence-Based Practices Download (454 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation September 2013
Changing Probation Officer Attitudes: Training Experience, Motivation, and Possible Revival Download (477.3 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Probation, Training September 2013
When a Person Isn't a Data Point: Making Evidence-Based Practice Work Download (533.97 KB) Evidence-based Practices December 2012
The Development of an Actuarial Risk Assessment for U.S. Pretrial Services Download (88.51 KB) Pretrial, Risk Assessment September 2009
The Development and Validation of a Pretrial Screening Tool Download (81.21 KB) Pretrial, Risk Assessment December 2008
The Predictive Validity of the LSI-R on a Sample of Offenders Drawn From the Records of the Iowa Department of Corrections Data Measurement System Download (90.42 KB) Risk Assessment December 2007
Adhering to the Risk and Need Principles: Does It Matter for Supervision-based Programs? Download (112.42 KB) Evidence-based Practices, Supervision December 2006
Assessing the Inter-Rater Agreement of the Level of Service Inventory Revised (LSI-R) Download (83.79 KB) Risk Assessment December 2004