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Hon. Marvin Isgur, Hon. Elizabeth Magner, and Hon. Jeff Bohm (08-BK-K)

03/09 – Advisory Committee considered and referred to Subcommittee on Forms, 07/09 – Subcommittee on Forms considered and retained on agenda
10/09 – Advisory Committee considered  and retained on agenda
04/10 – Suggestions merged with Advisory Committee consideration of Comments 09-BK-003, and 09-BK-004 on proposed rules requiring attachments to a mortgage proof of claim in a consumer case
04/11 – Merged with comments 10-BK-005 and 10-BK-009 on proposed Forms B10-A, B10-S1, and B10-S1.  Advisory Committee recommended approval of all three forms with revisions and with a propose effective date of 12/11. Advisory Committee will consider additional changes suggested in the comments and suggestions at a later time
06/10 – Standing Committee approved for submission to the Judicial Conference