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Bankruptcy Noticing

A notice of bankruptcy case and court-issued notices are sent to the creditors of the individual, corporation, or other entity that has filed for bankruptcy protection.

Entities can use the Bankruptcy Noticing Center (BNC) to have notices delivered either:

  • Electronically, or
  • By mail.

Set up your bankruptcy noticing preferences

Mandatory Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing

Mandatory Electronic Bankruptcy Noticing (MEBN) reduces the cost of mailing notices to high-volume paper notice recipients.

Pursuant to Federal Rule of Bankruptcy Procedure 9036(b)(2)(B), any entity that has been mailed 25 or more paper bankruptcy notices by the BNC in a single calendar month is designated as a high-volume paper-notice recipient. These recipients will receive a notice from the BNC with instructions how to register for an electronic bankruptcy noticing (EBN) account and a second reminder notice approximately 45 days later. These recipients will have electronic service automatically initiated approximately 105 days after the month the recipient received over the threshold number of notices unless the entity registers for an EBN account. During the first 30 days of the electronic service, the BNC will send notices electronically and by U.S. mail to allow the high-volume notice recipients to confirm that the process is working correctly. This initial 30-day period is called “redundant mode.”

Upon expiration of redundant mode, if a recipient has not registered for an EBN account, all future notices processed by the BNC will only be sent electronically via a mandatory electronic account hosted by the BNC. Recipients will receive two notices around day 105 with instructions on how to access the notices at that electronic account. Entities are responsible for accessing this BNC-hosted account regularly to retrieve any bankruptcy notices. The usage of the BNC website constitutes notice in the case(s) in which they are a party. A recipient’s access to and use of the BNC electronic information system indicates an understanding of and an expressed consent to each of these conditions of use above.

Approved Bankruptcy Notice Providers

Find a list of bankruptcy notice providers who are approved by the Administrative Office of the Courts.