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Mission - Defender Services

The mission of the Defender Services program is to ensure that the right to counsel guaranteed by the Sixth Amendment, the Criminal Justice Act (18 U.S.C. § 3006A), and other congressional mandates is enforced on behalf of those who cannot afford to retain counsel and other necessary defense services.


By fulfilling its mission, the Defender Services program helps to:

(a) maintain public confidence in the nation's commitment to equal justice under law and

(b) ensure the successful operation of the constitutionally-based adversary system of justice by which both federal criminal laws and federally guaranteed rights are enforced.


  • Provide timely assigned counsel services to all eligible persons.
  • Provide appointed counsel services that are consistent with the best practices of the legal profession.
  • Provide cost-effective services.
  • Protect the independence of the defense function performed by assigned counsel so that the rights of individual defendants are safeguarded and enforced.